About Us

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We are a small well established  (and steadily growing) company based in the UK and as we have low overheads we are able to keep our prices very competitive.  The name “Quintanet” comes from the fact that a lot of our work is done in the sunny Algarve area of Portugal on our orange farm. Portuguese for farm is “quinta”.

We have many customers in Spain and Portugal and have local support in that area to deal with customer service.

The majority of our customers have small businesses or rental properties in UK, Portugal and Spain and we can provide translations into Portuguese, Spanish and Scandinavian Languages.

We like to give “local” quality service no matter where you are located. We are always contactable.

If you need any advice on anything about websites and getting more clients and profits…….give us a call or mail…..no obligation ….nothing to buy.   Of course we do hope you will use our services at some point in the future but  if you don`t at least we hope you will know us well enough to give a good  recommendation.

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