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The use of blogging is becoming and essential part of online businesses whether large or small.

Once online,  your blog needs to be updated regularly with original and interesting material which provides benefits to the reader.  (And gives you a better points score for Google)

You can of course give prices lists, offers, new stock plus any other info. (photographs) etc. relevant to your business.

You can also direct people to your blog from Facebook, Twitter or direct mail to see your latest article. Once at your blog they can then be encouraged to visit your main website.

It also gives you a “human” or “personal” face which is very important to gain customer confidence online.

So for people who are not sure – “What is a blog?”

A blog is simply and instrument to write an article or offer or information which you post online for your readers/customers.

You do not need any technical experience – just some news or information to pass on.

If you can half use MS Word, you can blog very easily.

It is best if you can at least write something new (no matter how short or long) every two weeks but much more if you have good material.

Its best to write as if you were talking one and one to somebody…without too much technical jargon.  And a little bit of humour always helps too.

If you feel you havn´t got the time to update pages online, and we understand that many small business owners do not have any spare time….. we can offer an easy solution. We can integrate your Facebook Pages into your website. You then have the advantage of easily writing posts in Facebook — but then they will automatically appear on a a blog page on your WEBSITE   and in REAL TIME.

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We can set up an individual blog online for you with mail facilities or if you wish, we can integrate a blog or Facebook page, into any new website.


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