Mobile Websites

It is expected that by 2019  there will be the majority of  users searching the Internet through a mobile device than a desktop or laptop computer.

This trend cannot be ignored and it means that you should be considering having a mobile website to run separately to your main site.

Mobile websites have to be built in a different way to normal desktop sites as there are far more restrictions and they also have to be able to work properly on different equipment such as iPhones, Android, Blackberry plus older mobile phones and of course the latest trend of tablets such as iPad, etc.

If you view a normal site on a mobile phone you will notice that there will be a lot of frustrating scrolling and badly fitting graphics etc.

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A mobile website should, in most cases, be a simpler version of your desktop site, with larger buttons, reduced graphics, and an easier navigation system. In many cases, a mobile home page will be more or less simply a menu. The main aim is to allow the user to find the information they are looking for very quickly.

Research has found that mobile websites are popular with emergency type and Local businesses such as restaurants,  locksmiths,  car repairs(breakdown) doctor,  dentist, chiropractor,  plumber,  hairdresser,  electrician,  Vet etc.

Plus there is high usage on Real Estate Sites such as Property Sales, Property Rentals, Holiday Rentals etc., where viewers can get a feel for a property before getting fuller details. Maps are important here as prospective clients can view locations quickly.

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